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March 21, 2016
Benefits of Using Natural Light in Your Home

Benefits of Using Natural Light in Your Home

After a long winter, many people look forward to opening their windows and letting the sunlight in. The warm feeling on your skin seems to almost immediately improve everyone's mood.

Unfortunately, during this time of year it's common to hear about the negative effects of sunlight, such as wrinkles or cancer. After hearing so many negative concerns regarding sunlight, you may question letting it into your home.

However, natural light can offer major benefits as well, especially in your home. Filling your house with natural lighting improves everything from your home aesthetics to your health.

The next time you open your windows in the morning, consider these benefits from the natural light:

Decreased Mold and Mildew

You may have heard the old wives' tale that pulling back the curtains will freshen your sheets. That saying may not be too far from the truth. The heat from sunlight helps fight microscopic pests, which means daylight can, in fact, freshen clothing and sheets.

Natural light can also reduce mold and mildew from growing in damp areas, such as a basement or bathroom. If you want to decrease the amount of harmful bacteria in your home, consider improving the natural light in these areas.

Improves Health

Natural sunlight increases exposure to vitamin D and B1. Some studies show these vitamins help promote bone strength and blood levels. On the other hand, deficiency in these vitamins could result in beriberi or rickets.

Additionally, as mentioned before, the heat from sunlight eliminates harmful bacteria. This bacteria is often linked to many respiratory diseases. By simply keeping the blinds open, you can prevent colds and other minor illnesses.

Reduce Energy Use

Using natural light reduces your need for artificial light. Thus, instead of turning on your lights every morning, simply open your drapes. By allowing the sun to light your room, you can save nearly 10% on your electricity bill.

Increased Productivity

Some studies have found people experience increased productivity when light is streaming through windows. Daylight helps our brains and eyes function more optimally than in artificial lighting. As well, sunlight improves focus and provides positive emotional benefits. In fact, schools have seen a difference in children's productivity when natural light is present versus when artificial light is used.

These findings suggest you can accomplish more around your house if you simply open the curtains.

Better Visual Appeal

Interior designers have yet to replace the aesthetic value of natural light in home design. The natural illumination creates warmth in a room that you can't produce with light bulbs.

Incorporating windows that allow natural light into your home also provides beautiful views. When you want to improve your interior aesthetics, look to your windows.

Better Mood

Many people start to feel depressed during the cold, winter months. If your family could use a boost in their mood, consider opening the windows. Increased levels of serotonin from the sun will help everyone to look forward to coming home to the light, warm atmosphere.

Improve Sleep

When your eyes see sunlight, the optic nerve causes your brain to decrease production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that causes sleepiness, which means sunlight keeps you awake better during the day.

Once the sun goes down, your brain will naturally start to produce more melatonin, helping your sleep. Alternatively, low levels of this hormone can result in poor sleep quality, particularly among older adults. Sunlight can automatically regulate your melatonin levels in a way that artificial light can't, helping you receive the right amount.

After learning the advantages of natural light, you may wonder why you hadn't used more natural light in your home before. Make the change today by increasing the natural light in your home.

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