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April 25, 2016
Five Kinds of Bay Windows and How You Can Dress Them Up

Five Kinds of Bay Windows and How You Can Dress Them Up

So you're thinking of installing new windows. You've meticulously checked out each room in your house and looked at different window styles at a window store. You want something practical, but gorgeous. Bay windows give you the best of both worlds. Here are the five kinds we recommend.

1. Circle Bay

A circle bay window is technically a smaller version of a bow window. It's a tight, circular-shaped alcove on the ground floor of your home. Circle bays are a fantastic addition to a first-floor master bedroom or your dining room.

Best Look for This Style: Circle bays typically feature floor-to-ceiling windows. Use this to your design advantage, choosing long and lean drapes that make the ceiling look higher. For your bedroom, try soft colors like earth tones. For your dining room, try elegantlooking, flat Roman shades.

2. Angled Bay

Angled bay windows form a polygonal shape that extends from your living room, dining room, or kitchen. They increase the floor space of your home and often require foundation work during installation. The most common style of bay window, angled bays also come in smaller forms, such as versions that sit above the kitchen sink.

Best Look for This Style: Paint the walls on either side of the angled bay a dark, bold color like midnight blue. Add flowers and other eye-catching plants outside the window. Then, top it all off with pleated shades to manage light admittance and dark, bold-colored drapes on either side of the window.

3. Oriel Window

This window protrudes from the second floor, giving your home a palatial look. Oriel windows can be either rectangular or round. Because an oriel window adds so much texture to your home's architecture, it's arguably the most dramatic style of bay window.

Best Look for This Style: Give the oriel window the dramatic window treatment it deserves. Choose a floor-to-ceiling curtain, either having it kiss the floor or puddle three additional feet past floor length. Silks, embroidered fabrics, and other elegant materials complete this luxurious look.

4. Box Bay

The box bay features the same shape as the oriel window, a rectangular form with a curved top. The key difference between these styles are the floors where you can find them. An oriel window sits on an upper floor, creating a turret-like addition above the ground floor. By contrast, the box bay sits on the ground floor only, generally in the living room or dining room.

Best Look for This Style: Give your box bay window a minimalist look. This style's appeal comes from its angular shape and the natural light it invites in, so use sheer white or neutral drapes that you can tie back or light-colored shutters that you can open or close for privacy. You could also choose to leave this window without any window treatments.

5. Sit-In Bay

You can add a sit-in section to any of the aforementioned bay window styles. Sit-in bays require a little more attention to detail to decorate.

First, consider how that space will be used. Will your children sit in that nook and read? Or will it be largely decorative? Then, decide on how deep you'd like your nook to be and which kind of seating you'd like to offer there. Would you prefer a long, wooden bench? Would you prefer comfortable, overstuffed sitting pillows?

Best Look for This Style: Because this is a functional space, you'll want to be practical with your design choice. Try composite shutters, which will decrease the natural light when you aren't using the sit-in bay. To add a little flare, dress up this window with brightly colored valances and Roman shades that match the window seat's pillows.

As you start an interior design makeover for your home, review our guide to bay windows and the treatments that highlight them. Then, visit a Chicago-area window company for all of your window replacement needs.

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