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April 14, 2016
Give Your Windows a Makeover

Give Your Windows a Makeover

If your windows are looking drab, you're not alone. Fortunately, there's a solution. Decorative treatments saturate the marketplace and give homeowners the opportunity to spruce up windows with stylish-and suitablewindow treatments.

But what's the best approach when it comes time to dress your windows?

We've compiled a few helpful tips to help you make window decorating decisions so you can feel comfortable in your living space.

1. Choose Balance

Do you understand the importance of balance when it comes to interior design? Decorative window treatments, also called window dressing, allow you the opportunity to add balance to your space. These treatments help transform any house into a home.

When you choose your window dressing, keep balance in mind. Your windows should match your room and stay in line with the look and feel of your space. Use elegant (silk) window decorations for formal living rooms and more casual (linen and cotton) treatments for family rooms and bedrooms.

2. Choose Neutrality 

Is your home full of color? Depth? Design? If so, a more neutral palette is the best way to go when dressing your windows. Neutral window treatments are classy, clean, and will leave your space feeling less cluttered (no matter how messy it actually is).

What constitutes a neutral? A neutral window treatment won't distract the eye or compete with surrounding design. Choose ivories, nudes, creams, whites, or flesh tones. Neutrals will even out your space and create much-needed white space in a busy, colorful home.

Fortunately, we live in an eco-friendly world that offers an array of neutral and natural options. Ecofriendly window treatments, including natural woven shades, matchstick blinds, and bamboo, will reduce your carbon footprint and help you feel more comfortable in your space.

3. Choose Boldness  

Although neutrals are fun, color is a terrific option. If you have white walls, spruce up the space with bold and colorful window treatments. Many window treatments are full of creative designs, interesting textures, and bold colors. Choose a design or pattern that speaks to you. Bold window treatments will grab your attention and satisfy your need for flair.

If you're nervous to use too much color, stick with bold patterns. Bold-patterned curtains and shades will stand out without distracting the eye too much. 

4. Choose Originality

When you make the decision to give your window treatments a makeover, trust your instincts. Instead of trying to talk yourself into a window treatment you don't love, pay attention to your hesitations and bring them up with a trusted interior designer. Window treatments aren't cheap, and you don't want to make a mistake that will cost you a significant amount of money.

If you want a change but prefer to take it step by step, start small. Once you've adjusted to a small addition, slowly start adding in new elements that will freshen up your interior space. Keep a living moodboard (Pinterest is a good option) close by so you always have inspiration to help you make interior design decisions.

Whether you want to achieve balance, neutralize your space, or add color and brightness to any room, window treatments are an affordable and fun way to start.

5. Choose New Windows

If all your windows need a makeover, don't delay. Forget window treatments and start at ground level. Contact your local window technicians to determine your needs and find the best windows for your home.

Window technicians can also address your window treatment questions, including how bright the sun is at certain times of the day, how you should arrange furniture to avoid sun damage, and so on. This helpful knowledge and assistance will ensure you choose the most suitable window treatments for each room.

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