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Written Testimonials for
Gilkey Window Company

April 3rd, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

They say everyone has some issue when they move into a home. Our issues always seem to be the same in every home we have owned. Our first home was a spec home, we where excited to move in and start our journey. The excitement turned to frustration our first winter in the home and we couldn’t understand why the home was so cold. We soon noticed our blinds blowing back and forth because the air leaks where so bad. We called the builder and when they came out they said they didn’t notice anything unusual. The next day the blinds started blowing back and forth again so we pulled out the camcorder and recorded the movement, (We still have this video). We showed it to the builder and he said that was just the window and there was nothing he could do to stop the leak. So when we decided to build our second home we told the builder we wanted to make sure we installed good quality windows because of our past problems. He stated that windows are only as good as the installer. He assured us that the windows he was installing would be great and we will be pleased with them. Our home had plans for windows that extend about 20 feet in height. The window people installed two windows on top of one another with a break support in the middle. Well about 6 months they started leaking. They had to come in and replace the windows and do some repairs, it was a long drawn out process with a lot of stern discussion on how the repair would be done. It doesn’t end there, in about 3years and two months of our moving in the beige aluminum cladding started turning pink (approx. 27 sets of windows). We called the manufacturer and they admitted to a bad batch of aluminum cladding but that there was nothing they can do because we are 2 months out of warranty. Years later we decided it was time to downsize. Smaller house smaller problems, well maybe not. When we moved into our condo, which was also a new building, the windows where dirty with concrete stuck and stickers still on the windows. Screens where also filled with concrete splatter. In the first several months of living in the condo we noticed the windows drooping at the top and collapsing on themselves at the bottom corners. The screens didn’t fit anymore, windows didn’t open easily and we could feel air leaking around the windows. The manufacturer came to look at the windows and stated that we need to use oil on the jams of the window to help the windows open easier. Then stated that the windows where installed wrong and the warranty were null and void. The installer came to investigate and stated that the sun melted the windows and it wasn’t their fault. We started contacting window companies to get replacement quotes. One sales man came and got angry when we started asking questions, the other two salesmen never really went through our options or gave us any details, just a price. Then we had Gilkey come out, I got a brochures explaining the warranties, the window and Tom went through the whole process and at the end even asked if I had any questions. When the day of installation came the crew was courteous, polite and answered all my questions. They worked efficiently and even offered to take my personal garbage out for me. When they left they made sure all our questions where answered, showed us how to work the windows and cleaned all windows and removed the stickers. When they left the only thing they left behind where my clean beautiful windows. Three months later, we love our windows; we noticed a reduction in street noise and no air drafts. I feel a deep sigh of relief knowing that if I ever have a problem I can call them and they will fix the window and not play the blame game

Thank you Gilkey,


April 10th, 2018

From: bunny@****.net
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2018 10:51 AM
To: Paulette White
Subject: Re: Appointment with Gilkey Windows

Just wanted to let you how much I love my new windows. My experience from start to finish was truly exceptional. From Chris Ertel (sales) to Zach (scheduling) to the 5 installers (John, Mark, Mike, Lacy and Tyler). They were the most professional employees I have ever had do work in my condo. Not only were the windows and patio door beautiful but that evening as I sat in front of the living room window I noticed that I felt no draft on my shoulders. Also I noticed how quiet it was. I felt so secure and comfortable as I am on the ground floor. My son and daughter in law came by the next day and commented on how nice they looked but also commented that the air felt different-very cozy. I only wish I could have replaced them sooner but so glad I waited until I could afford the best. I intend to place a similar post on our Legacy facebook page. Thanks again for making my retirement home a cozy nest.

Molly Walter/Rob Kues - Ft. Thomas, KY

July 28th, 2017

To: Mr. Gilkey/Gilkey Window Company

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Chris Ertel (sales rep) and our three installers (John Lake, Brandon Baker, Chris Ogden) for their exemplary service. I contacted two other companies (A&E and Champion) before deciding on Gilkey. Chris Ertel is a wonderful sales rep who is polite, courteous, knowledgeable and he answered several emails quickly with my many questions. He made an extra trip to our house with larger color swatches to help us make our final decision on the inside/outside of our 13 new windows. He also helped us when we came to your showroom one Saturday.

The three installers were timely, courteous and they took extra precautions in certain rooms of our house. They were also careful on the outside of our home with our landscaping. My father came over to see the new windows and John took the time to speak with my dad. This means a lot to me and further shows the integrity of your employees.

We are pleased with our new Gilkey windows and equally pleased with your employees and their exemplary service. I will definitely recommend your company to family/friends. My hope is that you will share this email with the employees mentioned and acknowledge their commitment to their jobs and to your company.

Molly Walter/Rob Kues
Ft. Thomas, KY

December 1st, 2017

Gilkey Testimonial

Molly Walter/Rob Kues - Ft. Thomas, KY

July 28th, 2017

To: Mr. Gilkey/Gilkey Window Company

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Chris Ertel (sales rep) and our three installers (John Lake, Brandon Baker, Chris Ogden) for their exemplary service. I contacted two other companies (A&E and Champion) before deciding on Gilkey. Chris Ertel is a wonderful sales rep who is polite, courteous, knowledgeable and he answered several emails quickly with my many questions. He made an extra trip to our house with larger color swatches to help us make our final decision on the inside/outside of our 13 new windows. He also helped us when we came to your showroom one Saturday.

The three installers were timely, courteous and they took extra precautions in certain rooms of our house. They were also careful on the outside of our home with our landscaping. My father came over to see the new windows and John took the time to speak with my dad. This means a lot to me and further shows the integrity of your employees.

We are pleased with our new Gilkey windows and equally pleased with your employees and their exemplary service. I will definitely recommend your company to family/friends. My hope is that you will share this email with the employees mentioned and acknowledge their commitment to their jobs and to your company.

Molly Walter/Rob Kues
Ft. Thomas, KY

June 20th, 2017

Gilkey Testimonial

April 5th, 2017

Gilkey Testimonial

December, 2016

Gilkey Testimonial

July 28th, 2016

Gilkey Testimonial

Mr. G. W. Prather - Hamilton, Ohio

May 19th, 2016

Mr. Mike Gilkey;

Just over 20 years ago my wife took on the adventure of building a new home. Our private builder offered many upgrades and we did take many of them but he did not offer upgraded windows. Part of our deal in 1995 was we had to have double hung GILKEY windows. He agreeded and for over 20 years now we have had windows that when window salesmen come up to the door they look at the windows and give up and can still see the quality we have in our GILKEY windows.

We do not have a single foggy window out of 23 windows. All of our double hung windows work and make it easy for my wife and I to keep our house a show place. Of all the windows only one has , one spring that doesnt work right. So i would say our windows are 98.5% perfect after 20 years. So many window salesmen back off so quickly. I thought you would like to know your QUALITY stands the test of time. We thank you for your windows and we will continue to tell others of your windows and those we know who are building to go only with you. Thank you and im sure your windows are state of the art now like ours were in 1995.

Mr. George W. Prather

Susan and Rick Gassner - Cincinnati, Ohio

May 8th, 2016

Dear Mr. Gilkey,

After spending 27 years in the retail world, I know how important it is to receive positive feedback about your product/service. We were in the market for new windows so we spent an afternoon at the Home and Garden Show visiting numerous window companies. We chose three, of which Gilkey was one, and visited their showrooms in the days after the show. After meeting with each company's sales rep we decided to go with Gilkey.

I have to tell you that from our first meeting with Kevin Hillebrand to yesterday when Ryan from your service department stopped by to correct a problem in one of our windows our experience was absolutely positive and pleasant. Kevin is a gem. He was very friendly, straight forward and extremely knowledgeable of his product. And best of all, no pressure.

Your installation team was prompt and went right to work upon their arrival. They had all nine windows installed and cleaned up the slight mess in approximately four and a half hours. UNBELIEVEABLEI They too were friendly, courteous and their workmanship was outstanding. Then Ryan from your service department came by to fix a problem in less than a week from reporting it to Kevin. What a nice young man and he too was knowledgeable of his product and had the problem corrected in less than thirty minutes along with showing us an easy way to open them for cleaning.

It is very obvious that each and every one of your employees that we came in contact with really enjoys working for Gilkey. I can't tell you how happy we are that we chose Gilkey for our new windows. The one thing that we have noticed is how the noise from outside has been eliminated. And the ease of cleaning them is remarkable, not to mention how good they look. Can't wait to see how they effect our electric bill.

We were quite anxious about the installation and pleasantly surprised how stress free the entire process was from beginning to end. We know we made the right choice in choosing Gilkey. Please give Kevin, the installation team and Ryan a pat on the back for us.

Susan and Richard Gassner

Ron & Barb DeNamur

November 14th, 2015


The window and door installations are complete and we are very happy with the results. The quality of the windows and doors is great. I checked everything while we had the high winds the last couple of days and there wasn't a bit of leakage and the wind noise was very subdued. Both sets of installers did an excellent job and were also very courteous.

Vickie Rauf

September 17th, 2015


WOW....AMAZING.......I love my Gilkey Windows!! They are awesome, the crew was amazing and we both cannot be happier with the crew, installation and clean-up process. The windows are just beautiful and the molding that was put up in the kitchen is just beautiful and perfect!!! The trim is so beautiful that I don't even think that I will put back up the valance that was on their before.

I can't thank you and your team enough for everything that you guys have done for us. The price was amazing and we are so very, very happy with the windows. The two crews that you sent out yesterday were extremely friendly and very knowledgeable of their jobs!

If you guys ever need someone to shot a commercial I'm your person. I love them. :)

Thanks again and please let Mike Gilkey know that we love the windows and he has great people working for him including yourself.

Take care and thanks so much,

Vickie Rauf

Ruthie Fenwick, Louisville Kentucky 40299

September 9th, 2015

Hi Justin!

I just found your business card today, which is why I am so delayed in sending you a message.

I'm sure you are aware in this day and age it's surprising when you get great customer service - which is truly unfortunate.

I called and scheduled an appointment to have someone come out and replace a couple of the security locks and look at one of my large windows. Lucky for me, Brian Alvey showed up at my door. This customer service experience was exceptional!

I can't imagine there is anyone more suited to be a service manager for Gilkey. First impression - this is a guy who loves his work. You can just feel it and how wonderful for the customer. So very pleasant and knowledgeable. When I asked him about bringing my screens in to have fixed he said "I'm here so why don't I take them in for you?" Going above and beyond in my opinion. He also showed me how to remove the screens which made it much easier for me when I had to put them back in. Truly an exceptional experience!

Don't let him get away!!

Thank you,
Ruthie Fenwick

Harold and Mary Phillips, Louisville Kentucky 40299

May 26th, 2015


My crew Jeff L and Brandon D were the best two workers any one could ever have! No bad language, hard workers and very courteous gentlemen. Treated me like I was their grandmother.

Barry and Vickie Rison, Clarksville Indiana

May 15th, 2015


Let's face it, life gets busy and we learn to live with status quo. If the product or service isn't too bad, we don't complain. If it isn't that good, we don't compliment either. I'm not your typical customer who takes time out of my busy day to put pen to paper about anything. Today, however, is different.

My husband and I started the process of researching replacement windows. There are many companies, many choices, and many variables. At the end of the day, I kept circling back to actual customer experience. My mother had gotten Gilkey replacement windows 20 years ago and always spoke highly of her experience. As her daughter, I knew this is not to be taken lightly; my mother was a demanding consumer. She expected quality, value, excellent customer service, and honesty. If a representative was late for an appointment, they were marked off the list. If the quality wasn't head and shoulders above the competition and at a bargain price, they were marked off the list. If she sensed even a hint of compromised integrity, they were marked off the list. My mother LOVED her Gilkey windows buying experience. Now, all I needed to do was make sure this company hadn't changed in the past 20 years.

We made an appointment with Gilkey's General Manager, Kelly Lockman. Kelly was happy to accommodate our busy schedules. He showed up five minutes early for our appointment, came prepared to discuss the quality and value of Gilkey windows, and also to answer all of our questions. Kelly provided great insight on which windows would look best in our home. He also provided an easy to understand estimate and showed pride in his employment. Kelly is one of the most genuine and eager to please gentlemen we've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

After speaking with Kelly, we were so confident that the Gilkey Company continued to be an industry benchmark for excellence, we wrote a check that night to start the process of getting our new windows!

Thank you Kelly Lockman! We couldn't be happier.

A hand-written note complimenting two Gilkey employees

March 3rd, 2015


Annivar Salgado


Some years ago my wife and I were looking to replace the windows in our kitchen, living room, dining room and family room. After getting three to four quotes we decided to go with Gilkey Windows and we are so happy we did. Since the installation which was on time and incredibly professional, Gilkey has been out several times for issues with the windows and each time they have been quick to respond and their techs have been professional and courteous. We have recommended Gilkey to several of our friends and believe me those who went with another company are sorry now that they did not choose Gilkey. The windows have made a huge difference in the look of the home and in the value of it as well but it is the service we have received from Gilkey that truly separates them from the competition.

Gina Salzano Allen

Our family loves Gilkey windows so much that my parents were on one of their commercials! :-)

Sue Walters

Having my windows installed at his very moment! Couldn't be happier with the Gilkey crew. Very Professional.

Lee Rastetter

Used Gilkey in the past - best quality for the dollar and outstanding service.

Barbara Richards

Best windows for KY winter to keep warm.

Ken Lane

Couldn't be happier with my Gilkey Windows!

Jean Bolte

Gilkey's service after the sale is outstanding.

H. J. Khamis, Ph.D.

I thought you might be interested in my experience with your windows. I bought my condominium in Fairborn, Ohio new in 1984. After about 20 years, the windows were in bad shape (I don't think the original windows were of high quality to begin with). I replaced all of my windows and two sliding glass doors with Gilkey windows in two stages, summer 2005 and summer 2006.

As a statistician, I am compelled to look at numbers. The average kilowatt hour (kwh) usage for the three calendar years prior to window replacement, 2002, 2003 and 2004, was 1095.64 kwh; for the three years after installation, 2007, 2008, and 2009, it was 640.83 kwh. This is a 41.5% drop in kwh useage. A plot of the average kwh useage (averaged over the 12 months) for each year, 2002 - 2009, is attached.

With this drop in kwh usage, I figure it will take about ten years for the windows to completely pay for themselves. It's a nice feeling to know that I'm being energy efficient and that, in the long run, I'm saving money at the same time. It's important to point out that this is not a valid, comprehensive statistical study but, rather, anecdotal evidence of a single case. Incidentally, I use these data in my statistics classes to illustrate various statistical methods.

You are welcome to use this information for advertising/marketing purposes, but please notify me and acknowledge me if you do so.

With kind regards, H. J. Khamis, Ph.D.

New Customers in Wheaton

Your crew is finishing up right now. They did an excellent job all day long. Very hard-working, courteous, and precise in their installation. Coming from a project manager in commercial construction, I can tell these guys did fantastic. Thanks for the great investment.

A New, Satisfied Customer in Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Mr. Gilkey,

Normally I wouldn't write someone to thank them for something for which I paid my good, hard-earned money. However, when you are so impressed by a company and its employees, which are really the heart of the business, I must respond.

The windows and entryway we had installed have not only made our house more energy efficient but also beautiful. The first day after the installation my wife noted how much cooler our master bedroom was, at the same temperature setting. Our master bedroom is upstairs, has 4 large windows and is blasted by the morning sun. I love the Low-E glass. Instead of closing all the blinds, my wife opened them to enjoy all the wonderful light - the light that was there when we bought the house and we thought was so great. Goodbye dark rooms!

Brian Schamel - to call him a salesman is a misnomer. Your product sells itself. He simply presents it. He does so with complete honesty and integrity. No pressure! No bad comments about other products or companies, just the facts. Although, I must say he has a very warm and pleasing personality which makes him quite endearing to our family.

Bill, Eric and Brent, our installers, individually introduced themselves and shook my hand when they arrived to start the work. They were exactly on time as Carl said when the appointment was scheduled. They covered the work areas and cleaned up inside and out when they weree finished. My wife said "Who ran the vacuum cleaner?" I said "They did." She said "Wow".

By the way, guess who showed [up] about an hour after the job was finished? Brian Schamel. He wanted to be sure we were pleased and satisfied with the installation. We are!

Some neighbors came by to check us out. We told them to call Gilkey.

Many thanks and may God continue to bless you and your business the way He has us.

A Long-Time Customer in Centerville, Ohio

Dear Mr. Gilkey,

I'm not sure how many letters you receive complimenting you on the quality of your windows, service or a combination of both, but I'm going to guess, not too many. It's not because they aren't satisfied with your products. My guess, if they're like my family, they couldn't be happier. You see, it's just that most people never bother to take the time to share a positive experience, or inform those involved after the fact, just how satisfied they were with their entire experience. With that said, you can add my name to that long list of satisfied customers who never penned you a letter, until now, to tell you what a quality company you have.

I'll explain. Nearly eleven years ago, I purchased thirteen replacement windows and a sliding patio door from your company. This spring, as we've done periodically, we removed every one of our windows and cleaned them inside and out, including the casing. During the process we noticed that on one of the windows, the mechanism that restricts the full aperture of the window had deteriorated and was no longer functional. This prompted me to make a phone call to your office here in Dayton (Miamisburg), to inquire about the availability of a replacement part. The following represents what prompted me to write you this letter.

I phoned your local office in Dayton and spoke with Wayne English. Mr. English was extremely helpful. He was quick to inform me that his office was a sales office, but immediately provided me with an 800 number and the names of a couple of Service Representatives I needed to speak with to resolve my problem. I then proceeded to call your office in Cincinnati, and asked to speak with Lois. Lois was courteous, knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. She was able to quickly look up my sales record and not only knew the date of installation, but my window type, color and the exact part I would need to resolve my problem. She apologized for not being able to mail out my part in that day's mail, as it had already come and gone, but assured me it would go out the next day and that she would include a couple of extras, just in case. She also stated that if I had any problems doing the installation, to call back and she would dispatch a service representative to assist in the effort. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that there was never any discussion of any charges involved!

As a former General Manager of a manufacturing facility that employed nearly 150 people, I realize that the importance of having good people in all facets of the operation, from sales to manufacturing. With that said, I felt compelled to let you know that not only are your products worthy of distinction for the quality and reliability the afford the consumer, the same can be said for the personnel that represent Gilkey Window Company.

Congratulations to you and much continued success.

A Satisfied Family - Buffalo Grove, IL

Dear Mr. Gilkey,

Working with Gilkey has been a pleasure, between the exceptional windows, a wonderful crew, and Bill Boesch! We tease Bill that he could sell us swamp land. He's not your typical "fishy" salesman. He's knowledgeable, honest, and a genuinely great person.

Our house had always been drafty in the winter (our kitchen bay floor was freezing) and all summer long we kept all of the south and west window blinds closed (14 out of 21 windows). Now, we never know what the weather is like until we go outside! Never thought I'd say that I couldn't wait to see our gas bill!!

We can't Thank-you enough for making our house so comfortable this winter!

A Satisfied Customer - Batavia, OH

Dear Mr. Gilkey,

I spoke with several window companies before deciding on your company. Frankly I was ready to go with Champion. Their salesman was practiced and professional. Your salesman, Gene Wilson, changed my decision.

Gene knows your product very well and answered all my questions. He was even kind enough to come back and answer more and made sure I understood how the window was constructed. He was personable and proud of his product and I felt I was receiving honest information. He kept in touch telling me when someone would call to make an installation date.

Your installers, Ralph Meachum and Leroy arrived right on time on the appointed morning and for two very cold days did a great job with smiling faces and assurances that I had chosed the best windows made.

After completion, Gene called again to see if everything was to my satisfaction. It was. I am confident that should a problem occur in the future you would honor your warranties. I have since recommended your company to two other families who I believe will be calling you.

A company is only as good as its product and its people. It seems you top the list in both categories.

A Satisfied Customer - Loveland, OH

Dear Mr. Gilkey,

I am writing this letter to thank you and your staff for their great services.

Sheryl Lubert was a joy to work with. She went out of her way explaining the difference between the windows offered. no question went unanswered. She always has a smile on her face -- a sure sign that she enjoys her job and the company she works for.

Also the two gentlemen who installed the windows really earned their pay Monday March 5th. It was five degrees outside, but it did not slow them down. They cleaned up after themselves and left things just as they found them.

God bless you

A Satisfied Customer - Louisville, KY

Dear Gilkey,

As you know, I recently contracted with you to replace 18 windows in my home. Prior to the Gilkey installation I was having some remodeling done, and as part of that project, I removed two doors and replaced them with Gilkey windows. The contractor that was doing the remodeling had his carpenter install and trim the interior of the windows, and his vinyl siding men trimmed the exterior of the windows.

Although, they missed numerous completion dead lines, and they were not dilligent about cleaning up, I was still pleased with the work they had done.

Along come's Gilkey's installation team, Lee the installation supervisor, Brian and Jeff the installers, showed up when they said they would. They kept their work area clean and neat at all times. They completed their work in a timely and professional manner.

To be honest, I expected this of Gilkey. What i didn't expect was the way Brian and Jeff installed and trimmed the windows versus the way my previous contractor installed and trimmed them (the exact same windows)... What a Difference... Gilkey's looked much, much better. With your superior product quality, knowledgeable sales staff and professional installation team, there really is a Gilkey Difference.

Thanks for a great job.

A Satisfied Family - Erlanger, KY

Mr. Mike Gilkey,

Thank you so much for the beautiful animation cel. It was a wonderful suprise. It will be passed down from generation to generation for years to come. We love our windows, they have been a Godsend. I smile everytime my neighbors complain about the poor quality of their new windows and wish they too had been smart enough to put in Gilkey Windows. Say Hi to your wonderful crew for us. I am saving up for new siding and you can bet it will be put on by Gilkey.

God Bless and thanks

Satisfied Customer - Louisville, KY

Gilkey Window Company,

I have enclosed a copy of my February electric bill! On top of this we have spent only $95.00 in fuel oil this winter. We of course burn a lot of wood in our fireplace insert, but with Dougs' business the price is right on the wood. We just want to thank Gilkey for this savings. The windows are wonderful. The improvement to the whole look of our home was important, but the difference in being able to sit in the den without a draft is fantastic. I thought you might be glad to hear from some satisfied customers. I know we will be needing replacement doors in the future.

Satisfied Customers - Fairfield, OH

Dear Mr. Gilkey,

I had previously written to you about our windows that we had installed back in October. We are very pleased with them.

We had a front entry door installed earlier this month and are just as pleased with this door. It is a beautiful door and really adds to our house. We ordered stained glass for a decorative effect and it is awesome. The lead installer was very professional and did a super job.

We have a boiler for our heat. There is no natural gas in our neighborhood. Our electric bill only went up $3.00 from the last bill. The windows are definitely making a big difference.

One of Your Happy Customers - Erlanger, KY

Dear Mr. Gilkey,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know you have a very efficient company. I think I got the royal treatment. I called on a Friday to see if someone could come out to remeasure. Ralph came out that same day, and did not pressure me to buy anything other than what I wanted. I told Ralph my husband was in the hospital getting a transplant. I needed them in before he came home because of the dust. Ralph pushed the order, they were in at two weeks.

Bill and Adam installed the windows on September 3, 2001. Those guys know their business. They are quite a team, clean-cut, friendly, and did a great job. You should be very proud of your team of workers.

A Satisfied Customer - Cincinnati, OH

Dear Mike,

This is the second letter to you to say how much I enjoy my second window installment and working with Wayne C. Gilkey windows changed my breakfast room dramatically several years ago. They did the same to my sunroom last summer. As usual, Wayne was very helpful throughout the project. My only regret?... That I didn't win the Home and Garden Show drawing! It's a joy to do business with your company.

A Satisfied Customer - Fort Thomas, KY

Dear Mike Gilkey,

I have been wanting to write you to tell you how much I love my new Gilkey Windows. They were installed in the middle of August. The men who installed the windows were great. I had two other estimates and the men were nice but they just weren't like Gene Wilson. Gene Wilson is such a nice person. He just seemed so down to earth. But what reallllllly sold me on your windows, was just that.. your windows. I love my windows. especially my Bay Window! I wish I would have gotten two of them! They are beautiful! The one salesman from another company stayed for 30 minutes. Not a very good sales job is it? I know your windows are more expensive. But they are worth it. I just wanted you to know this. Thanks for having fine people working for you and to go with your beautiful windows to back it up! I hope you get this e-mail message. Please let me know.

Thank you

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