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The most durable, longest lasting glass available for your home. Gilkey Inorganic stainless steel spacers achieve unparalleled longevity and outstanding thermal performance. A lot of manufacturers talk about performance, for example, U-Values and SHGC’s. But what about durability? Performance over the long haul? That’s where Gilkey excels.

Gilkey’s insulated glass delivers the industry’s lowest failure rate backed by a comprehensive warranty. No cost to the original purchaser for seal failure including labor!

The chart below, shows the durability of Gilkey’s glass in the most demanding of all glass tests. Test criteria simulate the worst case scenarios. Most high volume, “quick turn-around” glazing systems, use a single seal organic system which has shown to fail after 8-22 weeks of testing.

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Testing up to 80 weeks in the PI Chamber test is equivalent to 80+ years.

Subjecting insulated glass to continuous conditions of 140 degree, water spray, and UV, the PI Chamber test concludes and the chart clearly shows our Dual Seal - PIB/Silicone Windows far exceeds competitors IG.

We encourage you to duscuss INORGANIC vs. ORGANIC sealant/spacer systems with other window companies.
See where their quality and long-term performance stand up to the Gilkey Glass System.

Assuming a $500 service call to reglaze a failed IG unit under warranty, and with an 8% failure rate, most window manufacturers need to add $50-$50 to the cost of the window to cover warranty costs.

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Warm Edges, Stainless Steel Spacer is the key

The corrugated shape adds strength. Bent corners - not notched or open joints - create a continuous impermeable metal barrier around the entire perimeter, keeping moisture out and argon in. Overlapping seams along ears allow breathing.

Gilkey specializes in high performance glass. In fact, we use the same technology developed and tested for many architectural and commercial glazings around the world.

Our glass reduces energy consumption in both hot and cold climates, saving you money on heating and cooling. Reduced energy consumption is also good for the environment - it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by millions of tons each year.

Combine this glazing system with our coated LOE products for the Ultimate performance in any climate.

Primary seal: Polysiobutylene (PIB) minimizes moisture permeation, increases UV resistance and provides one the lowest argon permeation of all known sealants.

Secondary Seal: Specially formulated silicone for IG units provides long-term adhesion, UV protection, and greater resistance to the effects of solvents, oils and short-term water immersion. Silicone is recognized as the best sealant for resisting weathering and adhering to glass substrates. Because of its structural properties, silicone provides structural integrity of the IG units.

Spacer: Stainless steel spacer features a roll form design to provide maximum area for primary and secondary sealant coverage. It provides increased resistance to condensation and less stress on IG seal system. Bent corners completely seal the spacer periphery to eliminate moisture vapor transmission into the airspace through corners.

Desicants: Molecular sieve creates a frost point below - 85 degrees F. Desiccant assures optimum moisture adsorption while minimizing the effects of geometry and temperature-related pressure changes.

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