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Gilkey Impact Windows

The Gilkey Window Company uses P.H. Tech's frames and Cardinal LG's Sea-Storm glass in our Boreal impact windows. This combination provides the strength and safety to be certified under America's most demanding window performance test--the Dade County Large Missile Impact and Cyclic Pressure Test Protocols.

The Missile Impact Test

The Missile Impact test tortures a window. To start the test, a 7 foot long two by four was shot straight into the window at 34 miles per hour. And yet, the entire structure held up, frame, hinges, latches, everything. Then a second two by four was sent crashing into the corner. Still, the window refused to yield. That's not all. After this initial torture, the window was put through an inward and outward wind pressure test with loads of up to 85 pounds per square foot, comparable to winds of 220 miles per hour. Still, Boreal System held tough.

Why certification?

In the past century, 23 hurricanes have each caused over $1 billion in damage in the U.S., adjusted for inflation. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew alone blew away over $25 billion in property in South Florida and Louisiana and it could have been worse if the storm had hit Miami directly.

Hurricanes can't be controlled. However, you can make things less vulnerable by preparing for them.

A home doesn't have to take a direct hit from a hurricane to be severely damaged. All it takes is the right amount of wind and a weak spot in its construction. Once a building envelope is breached through a broken window, wind may enter the building, uplift forces on the roof may double, and wall suction may increase. Partial or total structural failure can occur.

A new building code came into effect in Florida in March 2002 making windows and doors the first line of defense. The code seeks to ensure that buildings in high-intensity hurricane areas can withstand the impact of wind-borne debris. Other states may soon follow suit, particularly those subject to very high wind load pressures. Under the new code, windows must be impact resistant or protected by shutters.

Making windows impact resistant

Storm shutters do offer a solution, but only when in use; they are of no benefit if a home is unoccupied when a storm arrives. It is best to build impact resistance right into windows through the design of the PVC frame, the type of glass used, how the window is anchored, and how the glass is attached to the window frame.

Under the new Florida code, Miami-Dade and Broward counties have the most stringent requirements. They are designated as high-velocity hurricane zones.

Doors and windows must be able to withstand wind speeds up to 140 mph in Broward and 146 mph in Miami-Dade. They must also successfully resist penetration in large missile impact tests and withstand inward and outward pressures one-and-a-half times those normally specified.

What's the best protection?

The Boreal window is one of the first to pass the Dade County structural, Large Missile Impact and Cyclic Pressure Test Protocols in compliance with Miami-Dade/AAMA certification requirements. Operating casement, double hung, single hung, and fixed windows designed by P.H. Tech Inc. with Sea-Stormâ„¢ laminated glass and assembled to its specifications withstood impacts in accordance with Protocol PA-201, structural testing as stated in protocol PA-202 and cyclic pressure in accordance with Protocol PA-203.

Look your best when the weather doesn't

Today's consumers love the way Gilkey Windows keep the elements out while they seal in comfort. They're watertight. They cut out noise. They save energy. They resist wind load pressure. In fact, they perform the way you wish every window performed.

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