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Weak Frame Windows

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and water infiltration.

Gilkey Window Company

Honeycomb Frames

Multi Chamber Design

When Pushed To The Limit, Gilkey Window Frames Don’t Lose Their Seal

Typical window frames are not strong enough to stand up to the stress of the forces within the walls of your home as it shifts and settles. Replacement windows are susceptible to the pressure; they bow, bend, and the seal that is critical to their energy efficiency breaks.

Gilkey Window Frames Are Engineered To Stand Strong When Typical Windows Fail

Gilkey window frames are made with an innovative honeycomb design that adds tremendous strength to the frame. The result is that you have a window that will withstand all the stress and pressure that comes with the change of seasons and with the shifting and settling of your home – and it will maintain that ultra efficient seal.

Fused Corners

There Are No Screws Holding The Corners Of Gilkey Windows Together

Most windows use screws to fasten the corners of a window frame. However, that is not good enough for Gilkey Windows.

Our 12 point fusion welded corners make frame corners far stronger than screws ever could. The quick heating weld literally fuses and unites the material at an outstanding 2.5 sq inch thickness that forms extraordinarily strong corners that won’t leak or separate like other replacement windows tend to do.

Gilkey Glass

The most durable, longest lasting glass available for your home. Gilkey inorganic stainless steel spacers achieve unparalleled longevity and outstanding thermal performance. A lot of manufactures talk about performance, for example U-Values and SHGC’s. But what about durability? Performance over the long haul? That’s where Gilkey excels.

Gilkey’s insulated glass delivers the industry’s lowest failure rate backed by a comprehensive warranty. No cost to the original purchaser for seal failure including labor!

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